Petzl Summit Ice Axe

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Petzl Summit – a modern ice axe for classical mountaineering.

The Summit is designed for the modern practice of classic mountaineering. A result of the expertise acquired over many years, this product applies a new technical approach to this category of ice axes. The curved shaft provides the necessary clearance on steep or icy terrain. The light, forged steel head attached to the shaft ensures maximum efficiency.

The hot forged chromoly steel head is curved to offer a comfortable, powerful grip while the shaft is made of ultra-light aluminum with a textured rubber coating for a solid grip and great thermal insulation. The curved upper shaft allows good clearance during climbing, while the straighter lower part guarantees efficient penetration in snow. The pick is thin (3.5 mm) at the tip to ensure solid purchase in ice, and wide in the middle (8 mm) for soft snow and the teeth are positioned and tapered to optimize holding power while descending (piolet rampe usage). The tilted adze directs the axe correctly into the snow (piolet-canne usage) and the head and spike are equipped with wide, oval holes for easily clipping a karabiner.

Petzl Summit Ice Axe Manufacturers Instructions

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The hire package consists of one Petzl Summit Ice Axe or equivalent mountaineering ice axe. Petzl leash included.

Models and colours may vary from images.


  • Weight: 495 g
  • Length: 52 cm
  • Type: Type B Axe
  • Material: Chromoly steel


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