Black Diamond Avalanche Shovel

We strongly recommend that you book the delivery at least 2 working days before you depart on your activity.

Black Diamond’s Deploy 3 Avalanche Shovel has a stiff aluminium blade and an innovative telescoping shaft that is both curved and trapezoidal, the Deploy provides potent digging performance. When you’re not moving snow, the Deploy folds into a nice, compact shape that fits easily inside your pack but will unfold instantly, making it ready in an emergency with zero delay time.

Don’t spend a fortune buying an avalanche shovel that you will only need once or twice a year, hire one from us instead.

The hire package consists of one Black Diamond Deploy 3 snow shovel. Colours and models may vary from images.


  • Length (Extended): 63cm
  • Length (Collapsed): 44cm
  • Weight: 565g


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