Antibacterial Biodegradable Soap

We strongly recommend that you book the delivery at least 2 working days before you depart on your activity.

The perfect travel and outdoor soap, concentrated so you don’t need so much for each wash. This liquid soap lathers in both fresh and brackish water and it is biodegradable, so not harmful to the environment. Also useful for washing fruit and vegetables to make sure they’re free from bacteria.

Some tour operators insist that their participants use only biodegradable soaps on their trips, so this soap is ideal.

  • Will lather in fresh or brackish water
  • Can be used to wash fruit and vegeatables
  • This item is on the DofE Recommended Kit list

The sale package consists of one x 200ml bottle of Antibacterial Biodegradable Soap. Product colours may vary from images.


Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 140 mm
Weight: 250g



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