5 Season Down Sleeping Bag

Our down sleeping bags are rated to be comfortable down to -30°C. This is a sleeping bag for use in extreme conditions such as Himalayan mountaineering as well as a useful upgrade for Everest Base Camp treks if you feel the cold. Down is unsurpassed for its ability to provide lightweight insulation and our bags all use ethically sourced down.

When you need a top quality 5 season sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable and warm, hire one from us and get one of the best sleeping bags in the UK.

We strongly recommend that you book delivery at least 2 working days before you depart if you are travelling away from home.

The hire package consists of one 5 Season Down Sleeping Bag. Models and colours my vary from images.


Weight: Approx 1700g
Comfort Temp: Approx -30°
Fill Type: Down


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