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Exped Air Mattress Exped Air Mattress The AirMat Basic is exceptionally lightweight, comfortable and packs down into a small bundle about the size of a beer can. The laminated polyester fabric is both durable, airtight and humidity resistant. The shells' top surface is of brushed, honeycomb structured... Dimensions 183 x 50 cm | Thickness 7.5 cm | Packed size 21 x 10 cm | Weight 560 g Exped Syn Mattress Exped SynMat 7 Pump Mattress insulated camping mattress offers warmth, comfort, low weight and compact packed size. Welded baffles between the chambers, unlike traditional air mattresses, eliminate cold spots and create a comfortably supportive... Dimensions 183 x 52 cm | Thickness 7 cm | Packed size 24 x 10 cm | Weight 460 g Thermarest NeoAir Mattress Thermarest NeoAir Mattress The NeoAir mattress represents the world's most advanced engineering in ultralight comfort. Beyond being the lightest air mattress available, it utilizes two patent-pending internal technologies... Dimensions 183 x 51 cm | Thickness 6.3 cm | Packed size 23 x 10 cm | Weight 410 g Exped Sim Mattress Exped SIM Comfort Mattress The SIM Comfort mattresses are exceptionally comfortable and are ideal as extra beds for party guests or for use in basecamp or a camping van while being much lighter and easier to manage than traditional blow-up mattresses... Dimensions 197 x 65 cm | Thickness 10 cm | Packed size 72 x 18 cm | Weight 1660 g Exped Comfort Camping Pillow Exped Comfort Camping Pillow The name says it all - this is a plush travel pillow. Insulated with pellets of high grade open cell polyurethane foam recylced from the production of other Exped mats. Weight: M = 170g | Packed Size: M = 17x10cm | Inflated Dimensions: M = 38x27x11cm