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Lifesystems Expedition Sun Stick SPF 20 Lifesystems Expedition Sun Stick SPF 20 The Active Formula SPF 20 Sun Stick is a handy sized lip salve. It easily slips into a pocket and is rated SPF 20. It is dermatologically tested and preservative free. SPF: 20 | Weight: 4.9g Lifesystems Sun Cream SPF 50 Lifesystems Sun Cream SPF 50 The sweat resistant Mountain Formula SPF 50 is ideal for use at high altitude. This long lasting cream is broad spectrum providing SPF50 against UVB rays and 5 Star protection against UVA rays. The 50ml bottle is specifically shaped to fit into pockets. SPF: 50 | Weight: 69g Chlorine-Dioxide-Droplets Chlorine Dioxide Droplets Chlorine Dioxide Droplets are the safest and most effective chemical water disinfectant available. They kill bacteria, viruses and cysts in water (Including Giardia and Cryptosporidium). Safe for long term use. | Does not leave any residual taste, odour or colour | Treats up to 60 Litres of water | Once opened use within 18 months. Buy a 100ml Bottle of Dry Wash Gel Dry Wash Gel 100ml An antibacterial soap that doesn’t require water – the liquid evaporates as you’re using it. This is ideal for travel and the outdoors when a reliable water source may not be close by. Contains soothing aloe vera extract. Cleaning gel that requires no water | Antibacterial formula | Biodegradable and pH balanced Buy Lifeventure Antibacterial Biodegradable Soap Antibacterial Biodegradable Soap The perfect travel and outdoor soap, concentrated so you don't need so much for each wash. This liquid soap lathers in both fresh and brackish water and it is biodegradable, so not harmful to the environment. Weight: 250g | Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 140 mm Buy a pack of Body wet wipes Wet Wipes - Body These wet wipes are larger than the normal wet wipes and are a great way of freshening up after a day on the trail for when you don’t have access to a hot bath. Safe to use on the entire body | Portable | Resealable | Travel-size | Fresh clean scent Buy Deet Insect Repellent Deet Insect Repellent A dual-action formula which combines natural pyrethroids with a very high concentration of DEET to provide maximum, long lasting protection. Natural pyrethroids act as a contact repellent so any insect actually landing on the skin will be deterred from biting. Active Ingredient: 95% DEET | Repels: Mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats, fleas, ticks and other biting insects.