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Trangia Gas Burner

Trangia Gas Burner
Hire Charges:  
Two Day Hire: £6.00
One Week Hire: £6.00
Two Week Hire: £6.00
The RRP is:£50.00
So You Save Up To£44.00

Hire Terms & Conditions

A more efficient alternative to the spirit burner for your Trangia system.
Duke of Edinburgh Recommended.
The Trangia Gas Burner is a gas burner which fits in the lower windshield as an alternative to the spirit burner.

  • Highly efficient.
  • Easy control
  • High power means a faster boiling time.
  • Clean burning - no soot on your pans!

Hire Package

The hire package consists of 1 x Trangia Gas Burner. Product colours may vary from images.


We cannot supply fuel for this stove because of courier and postal safety regulations but fuel is readily available at many retail outlets. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Trangia Gas Burner
125 - Trangia Gas Burner