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Yukon Exelon 4x50 Night Vision Scope

Yukon Exelon 3x50 Night Vision Scope
Hire Charges:  
Two Day Hire: £24.00
One Week Hire: £36.00
Two Week Hire: £48.00
The RRP is:£235.00
So You Save Up To£211.00

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The Yukon Exelon 4x50 features enhanced operating characteristics. Combination of a CF-Super tube and a high-aperture 50mm R-Contact objective lens provides a distortion free, crisp and geometrically precise image on the entire surface of the screen. The CF-Super light amplification ratio of 1200 essentially exceeds a similar value of the generation 1 tube. This feature gives the Exelon 4x50 a great viewing range and high degree of detailed recognition of observed objects. In field conditions (under natural night illumination of 0.05 lux) the unit can detect objects at a distance of up to 500 meters, and recognize them within a 230-270m. range. Wide field of view perfectly describes the Exelon 4x50 as a monocular ideally suited for observing moving objects. Along with fine ergonomics, the Exelon 4x50 can be easily transported and is perfect for use in harsh field conditions (hunting, fishing, and hiking) as well as for nature preservation purposes. Coupled with various accessories (IR flashlight, photo and video adapters), the Exelon 4x50 is not merely an observation device, but also an excellent means for image recording.

The Exelon 3X50 was the winner of BBC Wildlife - On Test.

Hire Package

The hire package consists of one Yukon Exelon 4x50 night vision scope, carry case and manual.


Yukon Exelon 3x50 Night Vision Scope


Lens Diameter 50 mm
Magnification 4.0x
Field of View 13.5º
Focus Range 1 m - infinity
Range of Detection 500 m
Range of Recognition 230 - 270 m
Resolution, field of view - centre 42lp/mm
Resolution, field of view - edge 32lp/mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 191 x 87 x 60 mm
Weight 500 g
Tripod Mount ¼ in
Battery 1 x 3V Lithium CR123A
79 - Night Vision Scope