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MSR Evo Snowshoe Tails

MSR Evo Snowshoe Tails
Hire Charges:  
Two Day Hire: £7.20
One Week Hire: £7.20
Two Week Hire: £7.20
The RRP is:£30.00
So You Save Up To£22.80

Hire Terms & Conditions

Evo Modular Flotation tails add 6" of on-demand flotation to any Evo snowshoe. Simply slide them on and twist down the adjustment knob for added flotation in deep snow, or when carrying a heavier pack.

The unrivaled versatility of on-demand flotation allows you to select a smaller primary shoe for added agility in packed conditions. The simple attachment system lets you attach and remove the tails without removing the snowshoes.

Hire Package

The hire package consists of one pair of MSR Evo Snowshoe Tails.


MSR Evo Snowshoe Tails


Fitting:Clip and thumbscrew
322 - MSR Evo Snowshoe Tails