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Dave Etherington Dave Etherington - GuideDave is our technical guru and is an International Mountain Guide with 28 years experience of the Himalayas, South America and the European Alps and having spent time as an Instructor at Glemore Lodge, Scotland’s National mountain Centre. He is the font of all knowledge for technical advice needed for expeditions all over the world.
Dave Etherington is a full member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations Dave Etherington is a member of the British Mountain Guides
Steve Wilson Steve Wilson - IML, ML, CWA, CWAASteve is an International Mountain Leader with experience of the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Mount Toubkal, Greenland, South America and Pyrenees. He regularly coaches Duke of Edinburgh groups, trains & assesses the NNAS Navigation Award, delivers climbing instruction and leads treks & expeditions. Steve is the first point of contact for all group enquiries, whether relating to treks, expeditions or kit.
Paula Black Paula BlackPaula has 12 years of experience running safari operations in Zimbabwe, she is our mission control at basecamp. She handles bookings and makes sure everything gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.
Allan Strong Allan Strong - ML, CWA, BSCA Allan is a Mountain Leader and has a wealth of experience leading groups in the mountains of the UK. Involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for 17 years and many of the young people who have been guided through to gold level continue to work as leaders. He has delivered the BEL award (Basic Expedition Leader) to train new leaders including those who have gone through DofE scheme. He is also instructs archery, indoor climbing and leads off-road Biking on the South Downs.
Diane Patrick Diane PatrickDiane has been travelling to remote environments since 1981 and loves nothing better than battling her way through a jungle or crossing a frozen lake. As a qualified diving instructor, Diane combined her love of diving with her love of travelling and worked at diving centres around the world for ten years, including working for Raleigh International as their diving officer and setting up and running diving expeditions in Belize, Costa Rica and Borneo.
On returning to the UK, Diane starting teaching First Aid (too cold to dive!) and also progressed her own medical skills up to Paramedic level. She holds Advanced Life Support and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support qualifications and is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society.
Diane now combines working in the remote environment with teaching the skills to others. This year has seen her working on events in Arctic Canada, Papua and Mongolia. She continues to dive, but only in warm water! .

Welcome to Outdoorhire our aim is to be a great business by providing our customers with a great service, supplying great products at a fair price.

It's as simple as that.

Environment EnvironmentAt Outdoorhire we are naturally concerned about the environment because without the wild places and people's desire to visit them we wouldn't exist. Hiring kit is inherently less consumptive than buying it, the equipment is used efficiently rather than spending most of its time sitting in a cupboard. Our mantra is Reduce - Reuse - Recycle and we practice what we preach.
Interlink Express Reducing Carbon DioxideOur primary couriers are certified carbon neutral so not only is getting our kit delivered to your front door fantastically convenient, it's reducing your personal carbon footprint as well. For more details click here.
Reuse packaging label Reusing PackagingReducing our environmental footprint is often just common sense and not only helps the environment but also helps our bottom line, for instance we ask our customers to reuse their packaging to return their kit to us. Whenever possible we reuse the boxes we dispatch kit in, helping the environment and helping us reduce packaging costs. Look out for our recycled packaging label on your box of hire kit and feel a little smug that you too are helping to save the planet.
Recycling label Recycling WasteTo discourage ourselves from throwing stuff away we don't have a massive waste bin at our warehouse. Instead we drop our waste at the nearby recycling plant when we go past it on the way home. This saves carbon, council resources and landfill space - win, win, win.
SuggestionsIf you have any suggestions for ways that we can reduce our environmental impact then let us know and if we use it then we'll give you a 10% discount on your hire.